Balanced Photoreceiver Series HBPR

LASER COMPONENTS would like to announce Femto’s balanced photoreceiver series HBPR, a low noise balanced photoreceiver for detecting the smallest optical difference from DC up to 500MHz.

Smaller signals can be detected if the common-mode intensity noise can be reduced, as seen with laser sources for example.  Using two matched photodiodes, creating the highest possible common-mode rejection ratio, both observing the same source, one signal is subtracted from the other and the result fed into a low-noise transimpedance amplifier.  High rep-rate laser pulses with rapidly changing signal shapes, as in quantum state tomography for example, can be detected.

Available as free space or in fibre-coupled formats, these high-speed balanced photoreceivers (HBPR) have switchable gain and bandwidth, switchable AC/DC coupling and broad mechanical compatibility with common optical accessories.

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