‘Back-to-work’ trailer for enhanced industrial productivity

German manufacturer of machine elements and factory products FATH Components is embarking on a UK-wide tour of manufacturing and industrial plants with its purpose-built product demonstration trailer.

ALFIE (Automation Line, Fastening and Industrial Exhibition unit) is custom built and packed with a wide range of FATH machine elements and other products, all of which can be examined in detail, on site, by design, production and operational staff. FATH confirms that the trailer will be deep cleaned prior to every visit and that PPE and hand cleansing dispensers will be available free to visiting site staff.

Interestingly, the cleaning fluids used by FATH (also available to purchase) are claimed to be unique in the UK: PTC XtraSAN can be used on skin and surfaces and can be both sprayed and atomised. With a virus kill rate of 99.9999% it is stated to be more effective against Coronavirus than alcohol rubs, and because it doesn’t evaporate it protects for longer. PTC XtraSAN does not contain any alcohol or hazardous chemicals and could thus be the sanitiser of choice for engineering and industry. No special storage is required and FATH says that there is no chance of combustion with this particular sanitiser.

On board the trailer, in addition to aluminium sections (and the thousands of components used with them that FATH manufactures), visitors can discuss floor track system parts, handwheels, knobs and many other essential items drawn from more than 24,000 products in the range. The FATH portfolio now also includes essential PPE, floor markers, distance signage, barrier tape, marker tape, signage and movement tracking boards to help industry overcome the challenges of COVID 19 by keeping staff safe. Trailer visits are free of charge and are available by prebooking. Plant managers can book the trailer on site for slots varying from as little as 30 minutes to an entire day dependent upon the size of their facility and the number of departments/personnel that may wish to see and evaluate the products available.

Commenting on the start of the new UK tour, FATH Components UK Managing Director David Hayes says “Factory bosses have been under even greater pressure than normal as we all cope with the demands made on us recently. Our message to them is straightforward: book the trailer by appointment and let your staff visit our mobile product centre, on site, without disrupting workflows or patterns. Rather than buy machine components or PPE and related staff safety products unseen online, everything on the trailer is there to be viewed, examined, and assessed at one time and in one place. It is a resource-efficient opportunity”. Most products on the trailer are available ex-stock from Aldershot for following-day delivery. David Hayes is keen to stress that there are is no obligation to buy anything, no minimum order quantity and that all products are manufactured in Germany. Further, to help combat the blatant profiteering seen recently, all COVID-19 related safety products are offered at standard pre-COVID prices. ALFIE can be pre-booked for a site visit here.

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