AVX to deliver two presentations at the 2015 AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop

AVX, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has been invited to deliver presentations about both automotive grade RF devices and automotive transient voltage control at the 17th annual Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop, which will take place April 28th – 30th, 2015 in Novi, Mich.
“The annual AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop is an important, industry-shaping event, so we are extremely pleased and privileged to have been invited to participate, present, and share our perspective on a few of the component technologies that are poised to enable next-generation automotive electronics,” said Ron Demcko, AVX Fellow.
Sponsored by the AEC, which supports the development of uniform automotive industry specifications and requirements to improve automotive product quality and reliability while also reducing costs and time to market, the annual AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop aims to improve communications between automotive electronic component users and their supplier base. As such, the workshop provides attendees with the latest methodologies for improving the quality and reliability of the integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, and passive components designed into automotive applications, as well as addresses the current and future status of AEC Technical Committee activities related to topics including: LED qualification, robust validation, MEMS, and PC board qualification.
AVX Fellow, Ron Demcko, will deliver two presentations at this year’s workshop. The first, “Automotive Grade RF Devices Update,” was written in response to the rapidly expanding RF module count in automotive designs, and will address: families of RF capacitors and diplexers poised to benefit next-generation designs, device performance, scalable RF models, and new materials systems and component manufacturing methods. This presentation will also offer a prediction about new families of multilayer organic (MLO) components that are suitable for radar and high-end RF applications. The second presentation, “Automotive Transient Voltage Control Update: The Emergence of Integration MLCCs and New Families of Multilayer Varistors,” was written in response to the rapidly evolving transient protection methods available in the market, and will provide an in-depth comparison of traditional TVS diodes, multilayer varistors, and integration capacitors, as well as offer predictions regarding how new automotive grade transient voltage suppressors will be made.

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