AVX Introduces New Ultra Broadband Capacitor Series to Address DC Blocking from ~16KHz to 40GHz

GX0S Series Ultra Broadband Capacitors are available with X5R characteristics & exhibit extremely low insertion loss & excellent return loss

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced a new series of ultra broadband capacitors designed to address DC blocking from ~16KHz to 40GHz.  Exhibiting ultra broadband performance, extremely low insertion loss, and excellent return loss, the new GX0S Series capacitors are packaged in a compact 0301 case.  Featuring X5R characteristics, GX0S Series ultra broadband capacitors are ideal for semiconductor data communications, transmit and receive optical subassemblies, transimpedance amplifiers, and test equipment. 

“Our new GX0S Series Ultra Broadband Capacitors provide design engineers with high-reliability solutions for DC blocking in a wide variety of applications,” said Larry Eisenberger, Senior Marketing Application Engineer at AVX.

Electrical specifications for the new GX0S Series are as follows: 0.1µF capacitance, ±20% tolerance, and 6.3VDC at 85°C or 4.0VDC at 125°C operating temperature.  Insertion loss for the series will typically fall in the range of 0.4dB; however, insertion loss at frequencies higher than 40GHz will be partially dependent on installation parameters. 

Utilizing AVX’s patented precision thin film termination process, GX0S Series Ultra Broadband Capacitors are well suited for high volume solder assembly and are available with two termination options to expand the range of compatible attachment processes: Ni/Sn terminations, which are standard, or Ni/Au terminations, which are wire bondable and can therefore prove particularly useful in bypass applications.  Packaged on 3” tape and reel in quantities of 500, 1000, or 4000 pieces, all GX0S products are RoHS compliant.  Lead time for the series is stock to six weeks ARO.

For more information about AVX’s GX0S Series Ultra Broadband Capacitors, please visit http://www.avx.com/docs/Catalogs/GX0S.pdf to view or download the datasheet.  For further information, please visit www.avx.com

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