AVX extends range of SM SMPS capacitors with new Super X7R SMM capacitors

AVX Corporation has extended its range of SM SMPS capacitors to include the new Super X7R SMM capacitor product line. Super X7R dielectric capacitors offer high dielectric constant (K) characteristics and an extended capacitance range in a small case size. Main target applications range from high end DC/DC converters to general power supplies, telecom networks, snubbers, aerospace instrumentation panels, hybrid power applications and more.

Super X7R SMM capacitors use high temperature solder to attach chips to the lead frame and therefore have no risk of solder reflow during assembly to the board. The high dielectric constant (K) of the devices adds extended cap values and thus enables component and board space reductions. Various lead options provide effective mechanical decoupling of the ceramic chips from the board, minimizing stresses during board flexing, vibration or temperature cycling.

Technical details of the Super X7R SMM capacitors include a voltage range of 50V up to 500V, a capacitance range of 0.56µF up to 120µF, and an operating temperature range of -55°C up to +125°C. Available styles are SMM3, SMM4 and SMM5. The components also offer a Hi-Rel screening option as per MIL-PRF-49470 (B-level reliability).



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