AVX announces market introduction of the first space-level BME X7R MLCCs

Qualified to EPPL II (ESCC 3009), AVX’s new BME MLCCs exhibit superior CV capabilities compared to conventional PME MLCCs, enabling considerable reductions in board space & total component weight while maintaining space-level performance

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has announced the market introduction of the first space-level, base metal electrode (BME), X7R dielectric MLCCs. Exhibiting capacitance voltage (CV) capabilities superior to those of conventional precious metal electrode (PME) MLCCs, the new BME MLCCs provide higher capacitance values in significantly smaller cases sizes, reducing both board space and total component weight, which are especially critical in space applications, while maintaining the high reliability performance required by the space industry. The new surface mount, BME MLCCs also feature Sn/Pb plating with Flexiterm® terminations, which provide considerably enhanced resistance to mechanical stress by allowing for more than twice as much board flexure as standard terminations.

Qualified on the European Space Association’s (ESA’s) European Preferred Parts List (EPPL II) under the criteria of the European Space Components Coordination’s (ESCC’s) specification 3009, AVX’s new space-level BME MLCCs are rated for 16-100V and 2.2nF to 8.2µF, are available in case sizes spanning 0603-1812, and, in addition to space applications, are also ideal for use in a range of high-reliability aviation and military applications. Moreover, these devices, included in a line expansion that incorporates case sizes 0402-2220, are also currently being evaluated for approval on the ESCC’s Qualified Parts List (QPL) qualification process.

“AVX has a long history of developing robust, high-reliability components for the space industry, the demands of which continue to grow even more stringent with regard to performance, size, safety, weight, and cost,” said Michael Conway, Product Marketing Manager at AVX. “Rising to these challenges, our leading edge, space-level, BME capacitors further complement our existing line of space capacitors, providing customers with an extended range of trusted, high-reliability solutions for mission-critical applications.”

AVX’s space-level, BME MLCCs are available in three capacitance tolerances (±5%, ±10%, and ±20%) and with three ESCC lot acceptance testing (LAT) levels. Lead time for the series is 14 weeks and pricing information and datasheets for individual part numbers are available upon request.

For further information, please visit www.avx.com.

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