Avnet Silica awarded Preferred Security Partner status from Infineon

Avnet Silica, an Avnet company, has announced that it has been awarded ‘Preferred Security Partner’ status by Infineon Technologies AG, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in Europe and worldwide.


Avnet Silica has extensive expertise in delivering comprehensive and custom-tailored security services. It advises and works closely with customers’ engineering teams, helping them to architect and implement embedded security at system level to their specific applications. Avnet Silica’s ‘Software and Services’ division delivers tailor-made security training and consulting to customers, covering all aspects of system-level security from threat analysis to specification to implementation on hardware, software and cloud level.

Avnet Silica is now a member of Infineon’s Security Partner Network (ISPN) ecosystem, (http://www.infineon.com/ispn) which comprises a global network of specialized companies offering knowledge and experience in hardware, software, tools, services and end applications to design solutions based on Infineon`s security products, to serve the needs of the customers in terms of easy-to-implement security solutions. Avnet Silica’s Software and Services division has proven its deep expertise by realizing a secure boot implementation for various Arm processor-based embedded SoC (System-on-Chip) devices, which is currently deployed with several end customers. After establishing a trusted system state following power-on or reset, in this Avnet Silica solution, an Infineon OPTIGA™ SLB9670 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that can be connected to all Arm-based SoCs is used to measure and secure the boot process and to provide a toolbox of state-of-the-art cryptographic functions on GNU/Linux userspace.

“Avnet Silica is our preferred partner with proven expertise in hardware and software security,” said Carsten Loschinsky, VP Digital Security Solutions Sales and Marketing at Infineon Technologies. “With their expert team of embedded specialists and application engineers they can support customer projects from the initial idea to concept to prototype to production.”

“We are very proud to have met the benchmark to become a member of Infineon’s Security Partner Network,” said Michael Roeder, Manager Software and Services EMEA at Avnet Silica. “Infineon is a genuine world-class leader in highly secure semiconductor technologies. Infineon’s leading-edge OPTIGA solutions meet the advanced security demands required to develop the next generation of products for industrial and automotive markets.”

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