Avnet Embedded presents round Memory LCDs from Sharp

Legibility in all light conditions is ensured by the 14:1 contrast ratio of the high reflectivity LCD. Thanks to the display area”s 0.25% transmissive ratio, the new Memory LCD can be fitted with a backlight so that the screen content can be easily recognized in the dark. With its circular shape, the LS010B7DH01 is suitable for wrist-worn devices requiring extended runtimes. These include not only wristwatches but also endurance and mountain sports computers as well as medical tele-monitoring devices. The circular Memory LCD can also be used as screen for E-bikes speedometers, fitness equipment or thermostats.

As with all Memory LCDs, the LS010B7DH01 features very low power consumption with a mere 10 µW for static images, and, even with a regular display content refresh rate of 1 Hertz, the LCD consumes only 45 µW. Hence power consumption is approximately only 1% of that of conventional transmissive TFT LCDs of the same size and even compared to conventional reflective displays the Memory LCD needs only a tenth of the power. Furthermore, traditional LCDs are currently unavailable in this unorthodox, circular shape.

Avnet Embedded

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