Automotive and commercial vehicle industries transition from soldering to press-fit pins

Molex EON compliant pin technology provides a better alternative to wave soldering processes in power and signal printed circuit board (PCB) assembly for automotive electrical and electronic systems. Molex EON compliant solutions support OEM and Tier 1 automotive suppliers in meeting stringent manufacturing requirements and environmental initiatives.

“Traditional soldering processes drive up the cost and complexity of PCB assembly,” explained Scott Marceau, global product manager, Molex. “By using EON compliant pin technology our automotive customers can drive down cost and simplify assembly operations, while gaining significant performance benefits.”

Designed for high terminal retention force, the Molex EON compliant pin interface provides a robust and reliable connection even in high vibration and thermal cycling environments. Automotive applications include body electronics, driver assistance, safety, comfort and convenience systems, infotainment and power train. Commercial vehicle applications include interior and body electronic modules.

Molex EON compliant pin technology minimises stress to the PCB and component degradation, and eliminates solder slugs or flux residue on the solder tails. PCB headers featuring EON press-fit pins reduce electrical shorts, formation of cold spots and voids, and cracked solder joint issues. The fast assembly set-up optimises design flexibility by allowing solder-free or mixed assembly processes combining solder and press-fit technology.

Molex uses a special alloy material for consistent production of high performance and economical EON compliant products using lead-free processes. Low insertion force minimises damage to the PCB during assembly, while the gas tight seal reduces corrosion and ensures a strong electrical contact in a wide range of conditions. A variety of Molex blade width sizes (0.50 mm, 0.64 mm and 1.50 mm) interface with PCB holes (0,60 mm, 1,00 mm and 1,45 mm, respectively).

Available in wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations, Molex single and multi-bay header solutions are fully scalable for high circuit-count EON compliant pin applications. Product families with EON compliant pin terminations include Molex MX150 headers and the 154-circuit CMC header.

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