Authorised Distributor results for May 2017 reflect market growth and extending lead-times

The latest figures released by The Electronic Components Supply Network show that UK electronic components sales revenue grew by 24 per cent in May 2017 when compared to the same month last year, led by the professional community”s “Semiconductors” reporting sector which reported increased sales revenue of 30 per cent for the month. The consolidated results reported by ecsn”s authorised distributor (afdec) members also show an encouraging 18 per cent increase in bookings (new orders) compared to May 2016.

Welcoming the encouraging results ECSN chairman Adam Fletcher said that his AFDEC members are very positive about their prospects in the UK / Ireland electronic components market in 2017: ‘The UK electronic components market the continues to benefit from the uptick in the manufacturing sector and the May figures reported by our members reflect the generally positive sentiment in the manufacturing sector of the UK economy,’ Fletcher said. So far in 2017 the global electronic components market has grown at approximately six per cent and looks likely to maintain this growth rate and Fletcher expects that the trend towards sequentially increasing manufacturing lead-times will increase as the year progresses: ‘Customers now need to sensibly review their order cover to reflect the reality of these extending manufacturing lead-times to avoid any potential delivery problems later in the year.’ Fletcher concluded.

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