Atollic is first tool vendor to support Infineon’s new XMC4000 MCU family

The XMC4000 combines a full-featured configurable peripheral set with an industry-standard ARM Cortex-M4 core that is suitable for energy-efficient industrial applications. The XMC4500, the first series of the new microcontroller family, delivers the 32-bit computing power developers need to innovate a variety of industrial applications within time-constrained development cycles. Peripheral interface support includes SPI, I2C, UART and CAN configurable serial modules together with 12-bit ADCs and DACs.

“Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM includes the features that professional embedded developers need to reduce their development and testing time,” says Dr Stephan Zizala, Senior Director, Industrial and Multimarket Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies. “Our XMC4000 microcontrollers are highly real-time optimized devices and are well complemented by Atollic’s tools.”

“Our close cooperation with Infineon has meant we are able to provide a comprehensive embedded software development tool for development, code analysis and testing,” says Magnus Unemyr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atollic.

TrueSTUDIO is a debugging tool that offers a state-of-the-art editor, an optimising C/C++ compiler and a multiprocessor-aware debugger with real-time tracing. It offers advanced features including ARM build and debug tools, system analysis and real-time tracing using Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) technology, and graphical-UML diagram editors for model-based design and architecture.

The tool also offers multiple advanced features, such as: an ECLIPSE-based IDE with a state-of-the-art editor; x86 C/C++ build and debug tools for development of PC command-line applications; parallel compilation and multiprocessor debugging; and integrated version-control system client with revision graph visualization, enabling easy tracing of the history of code additions and revisions.

In additon, TrueSTUDIO includes an integrated client for accessing popular bug databases like Trac and Bugzilla, and it includes integrated features for performing source code reviews and code review meetings too.


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