Atmel expands maXTouch S controller family with enhanced nodes and capabilities

At CES in Las Vegas Atmel Corporation has unveiled the mXT540S, expanding its maXTouch S family of touch controllers and further supporting the trend of designing larger screens into hand-held devices of various types. Featuring 540 nodes, the new device provides high-performance capacitive sensing for touchscreens up to 7 inches.

The new controller is able to deliver the features and high-performance characteristics of the current maXTouch S family, including thinner sensors, superior noise immunity and support for ultra-thin passive stylus. Consumers will benefit from these features with a more intuitive, robust human interface for smart, connected devices on larger touchscreens.

“End customers of today’s most innovative and sophisticated consumer products have an insatiable appetite for touch-enabled functionality and convenience on larger screens,” said Binay Bajaj, director of touch marketing, Atmel Corporation. “Designers of these products are hungry for new ways to differentiate their products with these larger touchscreens, ranging up to 7 inches, to meet the requirements of the latest superphone and tablet models.”

The maXTouch S controller supports: ultra-thin passive stylus for up to 2mm at 120Hz report rate to enable a more accurate first touch; users wearing gloves; lens bending, an industry-first noise cancellation algorithm for noisy environments, to support better moisture immunity for thinner, larger screens; thinner sensors for ultra-thin stack support for sleeker smartphone, tablet and super phone designs; patented maXCharger technology for charger performance in noisy environments; touch performance algorithms for gloved finger and fingernail touches, without compromising touch performances and support for Android and Windows 8 operating systems.


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