Aspen Electronics and partner Keysight will be exhibiting at National Electronics Week

As their only Premium partner in the UK, Aspen Electronics will be partnered with Keysight Technologies on Stand 606 at the National Electronics Week show.  Centre stage for Aspen will be some of the latest Keysight Test & Measurement Equipment, whilst Keysight Technologies will also be showing more of their specialist ‘high-end’ equipment – all designed to be more innovative to give precise results more quickly.  Aspen will also showcase other T & M products, from the likes of Bird Technologies, GW Instek, Cleverscope and WENS as well as examples of their vast range of RF & Microwave Components.

One of Aspen’s feature demonstrations will be the new Keysight 3000T X-Series touch-screen oscilloscope with the ‘Compare Scopes – 5 second Trigger’ test. This will show just how fast the latest 3000T Scope can trigger on faults, using nothing more than just your finger.  Compared to other industry scopes in common use, the 3000T with its MegaZoom IV chip-set is much faster than other models.

As well as seeing the Keysight equipment in action, visitors can also book an on-site demonstration and enter the draw to win a 3000T oscilloscope. 

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