Aspen brings Exodus to the UK and launches with three new SSPAs

Aspen Electronics has become the UK distributor for Exodus Advanced Communications. Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, the primary focus for Exodus is the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers for commercial and military applications.


Exodus products feature LDMOS, GaN, GaAsFET discrete and chip and wire hybrid technologies with amplifier designs covering octave through decade frequency ranges from 0.01MHz to 40.0GHz – with power levels exceeding 1kW for modules and 10kW for ‘rack mount’ amplifiers.


Of initial interest will be their range of high power solid State Power Amplifiers, particularly three newly released state of the art, SSPAs products.  


The AMP1025 model covers 20 to 1000MHz and is a compact 70W broadband module using Class AB linear LDMOS devices with 5uSec on/off switching speed. It has a large signal gain of 48.5dB min. and a Psat output power of 70 Watts min (80 Watts typ.). The 2-tone intermodulation (IMD) is >30dBc typ.


The AMP1021X2 is a very compact (60mm x 50mm x 11mm) GaN based amplifier covering the frequency range 225 to 2600MHz. With a Psat output power of 7W min, 10W typical, plus a gain of 39dB, the current draw is just 1.4A typical. Total weight is just 57 gramms.      


Lastly, the AMP2035 is a 6 to 18GHz, 10W Ultra Broadband System featuring Class AB linear GaAs FET design in a small and lightweight benchtop chassis. Power output is 10 Watts min. with a large signal gain of 43dB min. and 2-tone intermodulation (IMD) of >30dBc typ.


In general, Exodus Advanced Communications is committed to providing the best in RF products, systems and related services with in-house resources that include RF circuit designs up to 47GHz.; prototype verification; system level mechanical & electrical design; digital circuit design and control software development.

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