Are you looking for robust Ethernet over unshielded cables?

With patented and programmable Quiet-WIRE® enhanced EMI technology, the KSZ8061 family of 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet physical-layer transceivers supports low-cost Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables for industrial and automotive networking.

These single-chip PHY transceivers combine uniquely low emissions and high immunity with proven LinkMD® cable diagnostics and an embedded signal-quality indicator. They also support direct connection to Ethernet MAC processors and switches over MII or RMII and integrate EtherGREENTM technology for energy-efficient applications.

The result is enhanced system reliability for low-cost data communication over automotive and industrial Ethernet networks.

Development Tools:

Test the performance and functionality of the KSZ8061 PHY transceivers with the KSZ8061 evaluation board. The board features a KSZ8061MNX PHY, with a Media Independent Interface (MII), in addition to a standard 10/100 Ethernet PHY to provide a second line interface for simple full-duplex traffic through the KSZ8061.

KSZ8061 32-QFN evaluation board: KSZ8061MNX-EVAL


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