ArcSoft and CEVA partner to raise the performance level of smartphone cameras

CEVA, Inc., the leading licensor of signal processing IP for smarter, connected devices, and ArcSoft, the global leader of image-intelligent technologies, announced that the companies have collaborated to develop an optimised implementation of ArcSoft’s suite of image enhancement technologies for the CEVA family of imaging and vision DSPs. A solution based on this collaboration is already in design with leading smartphone manufacturer Vivo, and will be in the market shortly.


Smartphone OEMs are continuously looking to further enhance the image and video quality of the cameras and the overall performance of the image signal processor. CEVA’s imaging and vision DSPs, including the CEVA-XM4 and CEVA-XM6 are specifically designed to handle complex imaging and vision algorithms, and provide a significant advantage in terms of performance and power consumption compared to general purpose DSPs, GPUs or CPUs. ArcSoft’s suite of image enhancement technologies, including low-light shot, image stabilisation and noise reduction showed a significant performance advantage compared to running these same algorithms on the smartphone CPU.


Frison Xu, VP, Marketing at ArcSoft, commented: “Our suite of image enhancement technologies are used broadly in the smartphone market today, deployed in a range of different processor architectures. After optimising our algorithms for CEVA’s imaging and vision DSP, we were very impressed with the results. For OEMs looking for a truly differentiated smartphone experience, CEVA’s imaging and vision DSPs offer the flexibility and raw performance to implement even the most sophisticated algorithms.”


Ilan Yona, vice president and general manager of the Vision Business Unit at CEVA, commented: “The combination of ArcSoft and CEVA for smartphone cameras is a very powerful one, bringing together best-in-class imaging algorithms with the industry’s leading imaging and vision DSP. The combined performance efficiency will enable smartphone manufacturers to add exciting new imaging and vision technologies which the users crave and deliver smartphone differentiation through of camera features and battery life.”

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