ARCOL TFBR low-profile, high power resistors use thick-film technology

UK based ARCOL Resistors has announced the availability of the TFBR series high power density, low profile thick-film technology high power resistors. Designed for easy assembly and supplied with a variety of terminal styles, the leading-edge thick-film technology low-inductance design lends itself to high frequency operation due to its low inductance characteristics.

The added benefit of high instantaneous pulse capacity also makes the TFBR suitable for braking, snubbing and discharge requirements.

The TFBR series incorporates an innovative packaging design, providing a high power density in a very low-profile package. The substrate thickness is a tiny 1.0 ± 0.2 mm and the power dissipation (on a heat sink) is 100W for the TFBR100, 300W for the TFBR300 and 900W for the TFBR900. Ohmic values are available over the range 5R to 680R

The high instantaneous pulse capacity characteristics (Energy = 120J for pulses = 1s and cycle 2s) of the TFBR series makes the resistors suitable for braking, snubbing and discharge in traction applications.

The other main characteristics of the ARCOL TFBR series includes a tolerance of ±10% standard and an operating temperature is -55°C to +200°C. The TFBR series have an insulation resistance of 1000MO. Maximum operating voltage is <1000V (subject to resulting power). The temperature coefficient is 150ppm and the TFBR high power resistors are RoHS compliant.

ARCOL offer one of the widest ranges of resistors available to electronics designers and manufacturers including the market leading HS aluminium housed high power range, vitreous enamel coated types, the MSR series of bare element resistors, the RWS precision power wirewound SMD resistor family, axial thin film, silicon coated types and precision passivated chip resistors and resistor packs.

Typical applications include traction, snubbers, switched mode power supplies and non-inductive resistors for high frequency and pulse applications,



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