Apex Dynamics launches AGV Gearbox Series With Low Backlash Helical Gears

Apex Dynamics has introduced a new series of gearboxes ideally suited to Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) applications.

As a world-class manufacturer of low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions, Apex Dynamics has developed the GL series, a high-end gearbox range that complements the existing PD/PDR and the PL/PLR ranges.

Mike Gulliford, managing director of Apex Dynamics UK, said: “As leaders in the field of motion control research and development, we create the best solutions to solve industry problems and we are often asked to look at specific ways to improve processes.

“That’s why we have developed the GL series, and the GLS version. There are many benefits that people can derive from choosing a planetary gearbox for an AGV and, once again, Apex Dynamics is leading the way.”

The GL series is designed with high-precision helical gears with a maximum backlash of three arc minutes for a single-stage ratio.

With this series, the flange and the housing are made from one rotating part, making it ideal for direct mounting and for supporting the drive wheel without getting high bending moments.

In addition to the GL series, there is also a GLS version with a full input shaft (with or without key), especially for those applications where the wheels or pulley are not directly driven by a motor.

To allow for direct mounting of a wheel or pulley to the gearbox, the construction was changed from a conventional planetary gearbox so that the housing is now the rotary part and the central assembly is static.

The GL/GLS series is available in three frame sizes 082, 100, and 132 with ratio options from 2:1 up to 90:1.

Gearboxes with a planetary transmission have the highest torque density and are, therefore, compact. Helical teeth ensure low noise levels and high break resistance, while high positioning accuracy is due to the low backlash characteristics.

Larger-sized bearings mean they can handle higher radial loads, with many ratio options from 2: 1 to 90: 1. There is also the possibility to install to all three-phase, stepper and servo motors.

Mike added: “The GL and GLS gearboxes are not limited to AGV applications, as there are many other applications that require compact, integrated gearboxes capable of high radial forces. Examples include belt drives, positioning tables, other electric vehicles.

“What’s more, as with all our gearboxes, the GL range comes with our unique five-year warranty and fast delivery, meaning that people have a product and supply they can rely on. Our guarantees mean they can keep their promises to their customers.”

People wanting more information about the new GL series should call 0121 7371170 or email sales@apexdynauk.com.

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