Antimicrobial coated keyboards are dishwasher safe

Diamond Electronics the specialist distributor of HMI, interconnection, optoelectronics, and power semiconductors now offers a wide range of antimicrobial coated,  easy to clean keyboards  which are dishwasher safe. The keyboards and accessories are Intended for use with clinical and home use medical systems, clean industrial applications including food processing, semiconductor manufacturing and laboratories, POS systems and public area data input and control.

The iMTC range of sealed keyboards are waterproof to IP68, easy to clean and may be washed in a dishwasher. The keyboards meet medical approval EN60601-1-2 and can be supplied with an approved antimicrobial coating, nano silver or ionic silver antibacterial technology.

Options include full QUERTY keyboards with either number pad or tracker pad, small footprint keyboards with integral pointing device, number pad keyboards with pointing device and a mouse with touch-scroll. Optional adjustable backlighting, and keyboard on/off switch are available and the devices may be connected to host systems via USB cable or wireless link.

Peter Hall, sales director of Diamond Electronics, comments: “Public, medical and industrial HMI systems are now required to limit the transfer of contamination or disease. Applications in medical electronics, home, office, retail and environmentally controlled industrial applications continue to grow and our new sealed and washable keyboards provide easy and familiar control and data input HMI solution.”

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