Anritsu successfully deploys eoAnalytics in Vipnet

Anritsu A/S, a global provider of Customer Experience Systems for IoT, mobile, fixed and converged networks, is proud to announce the successful deployment in Vipnet of its Advanced Customer Experience application eoAnalytics.

This technology partnership will enable Vipnet’s vision to ensure that new and appealing services provided to its customers, with leading edge network technology, are supported by the latest and most efficient operational performance and maintenance system. Vipnet chose Anritsu’s eoAnalytics portfolio, including eoMind and eoSight, to enable its vision and deliver a superior customer experience from the Vipnet NSOC and Service Quality Center. Instant detection of important quality parameters and mathematical processing of all parameters that affect them enables Vipnet experts to react immediately whether it is a proper dimensioning of the network or a reaction to any deviation from normal performance.

  • eoMind is a powerful real-time machine learning, Streaming Analytics tool, where cases are prioritised and presented to Vipnet CEM staff based on the impact on customer experience. By pre-analysing the data in real-time eoMind presents the number of affected users together with the relevant root cause analysis and significantly improves network Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
  • eoSight is a multi-dimensional Big Data Analytics tool for Service Intelligence and Management that provides all the needed KPIs for service analysis. One key advantage of eoSight is the integration with Anritsu’s MasterClaw Performance Monitoring System, allowing the user to switch from a multi-dimensional analytical view to a diagnostic view. Enabling quick resolution of complex network problems that previously took hours to analyse and identify the root cause.

“As a technology leader in Croatia, Vipnet is strongly oriented to the application of AI with the aim of improving and transforming the entire business. The introduction of machine learning tools in network and service domains enables quality improvement through reduced time for detection, isolation and problem resolution, a precise definition of impact on the end user, and the ability to recognize trends and preventive action planning. The application of Big Data Analyst tools in the user domain contributes to a better understanding of customer experience and needs but also enables us to offer the tailored made services and to keep the position of the leading operator according to customer satisfaction,” said Mr. Tomislav Makar Vipnet CTO.

Anritsu has had a long-term relationship with Vipnet, collaborating closely during the final development stages of the application, and contributing to the enhancement and usability of the eoMind and eoSight. “Anritsu is excited to provide the Vipnet operations team with the latest applications in the eoAnalytics Portfolio and is very happy to be able to expand our relationship and improve their Customer’s experience. We also welcome Vipnet to the family of operators who have seen the positive impact of real-time analytics on today’s complex service delivery networks and are collaborating with us to deliver their vision,” said Mr. Neil Tomlinson COO.

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