Anritsu selected network monitoring and customer experience management provider by T-Mobile Netherlands

Anritsu A/S, a global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) for advanced and converged networks, announced today that its MasterClaw Service Assurance system has been selected by T-Mobile Netherlands, one of the largest Dutch Mobile telecommunications companies offering a leading portfolio of mobile communications services for consumers and businesses, to continue monitoring existing and new network technologies as part of our 10 years lasting partnership on the service assurance front for the coming five years period.


Anritsu Service Assurance Solutions have monitored T-Mobile´s network deployment through almost a decade of network evolutions. This solid partnership is the base of a new collaboration project expanding into the Customer Experience Analytics domain between the two parties.


“Anritsu is very pleased about the continued partnership with T-Mobile Netherlands for the coming five years and for the trust placed in our Multi-Dimensional Customer Assurance Solutions to support T-Mobile´s daily activities and their goal of ensuring a superior customer experience for subscribers,” said Mr. Neil Tomlinson, COO at Anritsu Service Assurance. “We take pride in the fact that T-Mobile recognises Anritsu´s commitment to be at the forefront of technological evolutions, and providing the right business solutions to T-Mobile”.


“T-Mobile is continuously improving its landscape of solutions using for network performance and service management. Both consolidation of several solutions into one, as well as adding new functionality to support the assurance of an optimal customer experience is a prime focus,” said Dimitris Kapoukranis, director of T-Mobile Network department. “With the choice for Anritsu for our new solutions we will achieve economies of scale and will be able to optimise our network further, such that we will continue to have one of the best networks in the world.”

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