Anritsu partners with Elliptika to create microwave teaching kit for students

Anritsu has announced a partnership with Elliptika to create Eductika, an innovative microwave teaching kit for students at colleges and universities. Anritsu’s VNA Master series of handheld vector network analyzers is part of the complete turnkey solution that can be used by professors to teach the fundamentals of RF and microwave technologies.

“The explosion of RF and microwave technologies due to the multiplication of wireless services places a great deal of importance on engineering students understanding what happens when digital signals transport data via RF technology. Eductika integrates the compact Anritsu VNA Master family into an innovative solution that allows students to learn – through a hands-on environment – the fundamentals of the theory, simulation, implementation and measurement of RF technology. Professors now have a turnkey solution that uses a modern approach that fully corresponds to methods and tools used by the industry,” said Dave Bolan, product marketing manager for Anritsu handheld instruments.

Aimed at teaching fundamentals, Eductika microwave training kits contain basic sub-sets of microwave passive components and the Anritsu VNA Master. Engineering students will use the kits to learn the physics of microstrip lines, impedance matching devices, measurement and synthesis of elementary functions (coupler, power divider, band- and low-pass filters, SC and OC stub filter, transistor, patch antennas, etc.), as well as functions of higher complexity based on these elementary functions. Students will become familiar with conventional microwave devices developed in planar technology, as well as learn about mathematical synthesis tools and issues in relation with the measurement of these devices.

Eductika allows students to entirely or partially build passive microwave functions from basic puzzle elements. This very complete puzzle game consists of microstrip line sections identified from their impedance and length that are simply linked by a connecting item, e.g. T-junction, cross junction, or direct connection between two lines.

Elliptika developed the Eductika microwave training kit to better prepare students for the evolving wireless market, especially the microwave segment. It is dedicated to students in electronics and academic teaching staff but is also beneficial to technicians and engineers. Training kits are tailored towards microstrip passive devices, active devices and antennas.



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