Anritsu LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System wins GCF approval for more than 80 per cent of 3DL CA test cases

Anritsu Corporation has announced that the ME7873LA LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System has achieved world-first Global Certification Forum (GCF) approval for more than 80 per cent test cases supporting the 3 Downlink Carrier Aggregation (3DL CA) RF Conformance Test.

These GCF approvals obtained by the ME7873LA are for 3DL CA frequencies used in Japan, North America, and Europe. With these approvals, the ME7873LA is now the world leader for a number of approved RF and RRM test cases. In particular, the Anritsu RRM test system for 3DL CA has the best industry record in more than 80 per cent of test cases.

Carrier Aggregation technology increases communication speeds by aggregating several frequency bands and is standardised by 3GPP Release 10. Mobile operators worldwide are starting deployment of 2DL CA services by aggregating 2 downlink signals, with future plans to start 3DL CA in mid-2016, starting in North America, South Korea, and Japan.

Commercially released LTE-Advanced mobile terminals must be certified first by GCF and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB). As a condition for starting terminal certification, GCF requires an approval rate of at least 80 per cent for test cases used for LTE-Advanced mobile Carrier Aggregation standards compliance tests.

Anritsu’s ME7873LA already obtained world-first PTCRB 3DL CA certification in September 2015, which combined with this latest GCF approval, means operators can start commercial deployment of 3DL CA services in the very near future.

With its focus on releasing more LTE-Advanced test systems in future, Anritsu remains a key partner in promoting growth of mobile broadband services.

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