Anglia goes solar with new photovoltaic cell range

Anglia Components has announced a partnership with Anysolar, offering a new PCB-mounted photovoltaic solar cell line for customers allowing designs to be powered from light energy harvested from the environment instead of or alongside a battery or mains source.

The Anysolar line is a new product range for Anglia, and includes small efficient solar cells, also referred to as Solar BITs, and solar modules.

The Anysolar range includes devices which can be reflow soldered onto PCB’s as well as parts compatible with traditional hand soldering processes. Based on monocrystalline silicon free from impurities, the Anysolar cells do not degrade over time like some other solar technologies. This allows the solar cells to provide stable energy-conversion efficiency over the life of the product.

Commenting on the partnership, David Pearson, Technical Director at Anglia said, “Anglia is delighted to partner with Anysolar for this new product range which complements many of our established lines, such as low power MCU’s and sensors. Anysolar provides a viable alternative power source for many of our customers applications such as remote IoT sensor nodes.”

KY Choi, President of Anysolar, added, “We are delighted to partner with a distributor that is so well-respected in the UK and Ireland industry. We really value our relationships with our customers and look for partners that share that value. Our solar modules offer Anglia customers an environmentally friendly new power source for their designs.”

Anglia has invested in a profile of all the most popular sizes and formats in the latest highly efficient Gen 3 solar cells and modules which are available via Anglia Live, we are also able support customers with samples to support design activity.

Anysolar was founded in 2009 in Yongin, Republic of Korea as a designer, developer and producer of compact-size Solar Modules and surface mountable Solar BITs. In 2020 Anysolar acquired the IXOLAR solar module business unit from IXYS/Littelfuse. Today Anysolar has a strong global customer base across a wide range of applications including Portable electronics, Industrial equipment, Wireless Communications, Medical devices, Asset Tracking, Sensors and IoT markets.

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