AndersDX unveils new hi-res PCAP TFT display modules

andersDX, a specialist supplier of User Interface Technology, has released two new integrated Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch TFT displays; one offers high resolution WXGA at 10.1” and the other is a unique, portrait mode 3.5” HVGA module.

The SCF1001 10.1” IPS display delivers a optical performance with very high 1280x 800 resolution and an extremely compact form factor at a depth of only 4.6 mm. With In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, the display has ultra-wide viewing angles in either Portrait or Landscape mode, with consistent and accurate colours and contrast.

Enabling an iPad type User Experience, the SCF1001 has a fast responding, transparent touch panel supporting up to 10 simultaneous touches, which uses single layer ITO glass for sensing. The entire assembly comprises a coverlens and the touch panel with a COF tail optically bonded to the TFT module. The TFT display has an LVDS interface, while the PCAP touch panel controller from EETI comes with an I2C or USB interface.

The SCF1001 is suitable for use in high end, graphics-rich applications, for both fixed and mobile devices with the display drawing just 2.8 Watts maximum.

The 3.5” SCF0305 is an HVGA 320 x 480 TFT which operates in native Portrait mode, supporting 2 simultaneous touches. The display is driven by an RGB interface while the touch panel communicates through an I2C port.

Both displays are suitable for use in non-consumer environments, offering excellent optical performance coupled with industrial lifetime support. They both provide the reliability and pre-tuned benefits expected of a ready-assembled display/touch screen user interface solution. Either unit can be delivered with a black, and/or customised flush touch coverlens solution.


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