Analog Devices

With 8 nominations in four product and two business award categories, Analog Devices is a strong contestant for the 2021 Electronics Industry Awards. The high-performance semiconductor company made the shortlist in following categories:

Environmental Leadership

Analog Devices has been nominated for an Environmental Leadership award. The need to create a more sustainable solution that consumes less energy has been growing in importance across all applications. Power semiconductors are central to that goal. Innovations for higher efficiency, smaller size, lower noise, and better system intelligence will be critical enablers of a more sustainable future.

Aerospace/Military/Defence Product of the Year & Excellence in Innovation

Listed in this category are the ADAR3000 and ADAR3001, two highly integrated, low power BFICs. They are the industry’s first commercially available multi-beam BFICs that can support both satellite beamforming antennas as well as terminal applications. Its low power per channel, high level of integration, unique digital capabilities and commercial space screening flows provides a unique solution for the expanding LEO constellations being deployed as well as supporting more traditional GEO satellites.

The ADAR3000 /3001 has also been nominated for Excellence in Innovation .

Automotive Product of the Year

The LT8386, a 60V, 3A Synchronous, Boost LED Driver with flexibility for analog or duty cycle LED current control has been shortlisted in the automotive category. It provides up to 50,000:1 PWM Dimming for a string of LEDs of up to 52V , ideal for high contrast applications including automotive head-up displays. 512:1 Internal PWM Dimming provides accurate brightness control in headlight and taillight applications and eliminates need for a microcontroller. The LT8386 features Analog Devices’ proprietary Silent Switcher technology to provide ultralow EMI with high efficiency, easily exceeding the CISPR 25 EMI standards. Tight LED current regulation ensures constant brightness of LEDs in side-by-side strings, imperceptible to a human eye. Switching frequency operation up to 2MHz minimizes solution size and keeps switching noise above AM Band, while still maintaining high efficiency with the Silent Switcher architecture.

Internet of Things Product of the Year


The first product in this category is the ADN4624, a 5.7 kV rms Quad-Channel (2.5Gx4) LVDS Gigabit Isolator.

The multi-gigabit iCoupler® ADN4624 digital isolator is an industry first, delivering an unparalleled 10Gb total bandwidth with the safety and reliability expected of iCoupler galvanic isolation technology.

Simplifying IoT connectivity, the iCoupler ADN4624 digital isolator family from Analog Devices sets itself apart in the market. At 2.5 Gbps per channel, this digital isolator has the capability to support improved resolution for video links, protect the gigabit bandwidth of analog front-ends, and extend robust communication between sensor processing nodes and across backplanes. The combined 10Gbps in a single small footprint device allows for direct isolation of high-speed serial LVDS (or AC-couple to CML for HDMI support) at full speed.

The iCoupler 10Gbps digital isolator ADN4624 is supported by Analog Devices’ deep domain and system-level expertise, offers superior performance, and transforms IoT data-interconnect design.


Another product nominated as IoT product of the year is the ADE9153B, an Energy Measurement IC with mSure Self-Calibration and Sensor Monitoring. The ADE9153B is the first-of-its-kind Energy Measurement IC product that has mSure®, a built-in diagnostics system that continuously monitors the health of the current and the voltage sensors in electronic smart meters. The data from this diagnostics system is analyzed by a cloud-based analytics service (also provided by Analog Devices) that delivers insights to energy utilities that allow them to optimize their operations to save costs, lower CO2 emissions (fewer field visits), and reduce electronic waste (fewer meters thrown away).

Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year


Shortlisted in this category is the AD9082, a mixed signal front-end (MxFETM), Quad-channel 16-bit 12GSPS RF DAC and Dual-channel 12-bit 6GSPS RF ADC.

The AD9082 for mixed-signal front-end data conversion platform enables a break-through step forward for the test & measurement for communications and connectivity. The combination of analog performance, integrated digital signal processing, and low power architecture provides the scalability to support a wide variety of test and measurement use cases from spectrum analyzers, to signal generators or universal test systems. With the continued innovation to meet the demand high-speed wireless connectivity, the AD9082 provides a platform from which instrument designers can architect their solution for fast time to market and exceptional system performance.


A second product in this category is the AD8452 which combines a precision analog front-end controller and switch mode power supply, pulse-width modulator driver into a single silicon platform for high volume battery testing and formation manufacturing. The AD8452 simplifies designs by providing excellent performance, functionality, and overall reliability in a space saving 48-lead, 7 mm × 7 mm × 1.4 mm LQFP package rated for operation at temperatures from −40°C to +85°C.




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