Analog Devices’ transceivers bring high-def video via existing vehicle cable and connector infrastructure

Analog Devices, Inc. today announced a transceiver series that enables high-definition (HD) video over existing Unshielded Twisted Pair cables and unshielded connectors. This allows OEMs to upgrade easily from standard-definition cameras to HD cameras and provide the superior resolution and image quality required for today’s automotive camera applications. The new ADV7990 and ADV7991 transmitters and ADV7380 and ADV7381 receiversuse ADI’s Car Camera Bus (C2B) technology to enable significant savings in weight, bulk, cost, and reduce cable-routing constraints when compared to other automotive link solutions.

The C2B transceivers are defined and designed specifically for automotive applications, which means that along with supporting excellent visual quality over the unshielded infrastructure, significant care was also taken with on-chip EMC/EMI mitigation techniques enabling full compliance to the rigorous industry mandates for EMC, EMI, and ESD robustness. The performance of the innovative cable-compensation design supports 30-meter cable runs with multiple in-line connectionsfor resolutions up to 2 megapixels at 30 Hz or 1 megapixel at 60 Hz.

“C2B has proven to be a very cost-effective solution and provides seamless transition from mainstream low-resolution NTSC to high-definition cameras, and offers significant value to car manufacturers in reducing cable harness cost and weight,” said Motoki Kanamori, general manager, Advanced Hardware Development Dept., Cockpit Systems Business Unit, Denso Corp.“Denso is excited to work with Analog Devices and use its C2B technology to enable our scalable camera and video-connectivity solutions across vehicle lineups.”

The ADV7990/91 and ADV7380/81 transceivers feature negligible latency along with uncompressed transmission; the bidirectional control channel uses the same cable and thus incurs no additional costs. These devices support a 75-MHz pixel rate (75 MHz Y, 75 MHz C) “frozen frame” detection while the bidirectional control function supports I2C, interrupt/status and general-purpose I/O (GPIO).

Pricing and availability

Product Sample Availability Production Availability Price Each per 1,000 Units Packaging Technical Specifications
ADV7990 Now January 2019 $3.60 32-LFCSP 10-bit parallel input bus

-40°C to +105°C

ADV7991 Now November 2018 $4.00 40-LFCSP 16-bit parallel input bus

-40°C to +105°C

ADV7380 Now January 2019 $6.00 48-LFCSP MIPI-CSI2 transmitter

-40°C to +105°C

ADV7381 Now November 2018 $6.00 48-LFCSP 16-bit parallel output bus

-40°C to +105°C

Live demonstration at electronica 2018

The C2B solution will be showcased at the ADI booth, hall C4, booth # 111 at Electronica 2018, 13-16 November in Munich, Germany.

Analog Devices has produced a dedicated event page that provides details of the technologies and system-level application demonstrations and solutions on view at the show.

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