Analog Devices releases graphical audio development tool

Analog Devices(ADI), has introduced the SigmaStudio for SHARC graphical development tool for audio applications. Based on the company’s SigmaStudio for SigmaDSP digital signal processor tool, the SigmaStudio for SHARC tool is a programming, development and real-time tuning software environment that will enable developers to graphically design and program audio applications for SHARC processors using an extensive, optimised library of more than 100 pre-built audio algorithms.

The SigmaStudio for SHARC tool supports both block and sample processing and enables a variety of functions such as filtering, mixing, decoding and dynamics processing, as well as basic low-level DSP functions and control blocks on multiple audio channels.

The new tool will allow audio engineers to wire together familiar audio processing blocks in a schematic-like layout, while a compiler generates DSP-ready code and a “control surface” for setting and tuning all parameters in real time, directly on the production system. The SigmaStudio for SHARC tool is powerful enough to satisfy the demands of experienced DSP engineers, while allowing audio developers with little or no DSP code writing experience to easily implement a SHARC audio processor in their design.

The SigmaStudio for SHARC tool is available as a free software download and requires a Windows PC, CrossCore Embedded Studio IDE, a supported SHARC EZ-Kit and USB adaptor cables.

“Running exclusively under our new CrossCore Embedded Studio IDE, SigmaStudio for SHARC puts extensive, optimised programming tools directly in the hands of audio designers,” said David Lannigan, director, Software and Tools Engineering, Processor and DSP Products Group , Analog Devices. “It gives audio engineers the ability to easily program not only basic audio functions, but also incorporate third-party plug-ins and sophisticated, custom algorithms. Designers using Sigma Studio for SHARC now have the flexibility to try multiple solutions in the same time it previously took to program a single function.”


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