Analog Devices’ IC with integrated diagnostics monitors meter health to improve utilities’ operations and protect revenue 

Analog Devices’ edge-to-cloud utility meter analytics service

Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced the first metering IC that includes mSure diagnostics technology enabling direct and noninvasive monitoring of electric meter accuracy and faults in real-time. mSure-enabled meters, combined with a cloud analytics service, provide utility companies with real-time data and actionable insights to protect revenue from tampering, manage field resources more effectively, cut equipment cost, and improve customer service. Unlike other diagnostic methods, mSure is built into the meter and relies on a direct measurement making it precise, meter-specific, noninvasive, and always on.

Data generated using an mSure-enabled meter gets passed on to an analytics service that processes the data, and allows utilities to run reports on their entire meter population at desired intervals and make informed decisions or take appropriate actions. The Analog Devices’ Edge-to-Cloud Meter Analytics solution provides actionable insights on meter accuracy over lifetime, meter malfunction, and advanced tamper detection. Using data driven decisions, utilities can improve business and realise greater return-on-investment:

Analog Devices’ new energy management IC

Optimise operations with meter health in real time

  • Eliminate in-field sample testing
  • Efficiently dispatch meter crews
  • Prioritise equipment replacement

Protect more revenue with advanced tamper detection

  • Detect intermittent tamper 24/7
  • Confirm more tamper cases with confidence
  • Estimate the amount of tamper per meter

The mSure-enabled solution is designed to be highly scalable for big and small deployments; easily customisable to the individual utilities meter configurations, communication standards, and data processing services; and compatible with existing meter data management (MDM) systems.

Analog Devices is partnering with leading utilities and meter manufacturers interested in enabling next-generation electricity meters and integrating cloud analytics services. For more information, visit

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