An enduring bond – Inseto and DELO celebrate 20 years of partnership

Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, and DELO, a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, are celebrating 20 years of partnership during which meeting customers’ needs has, and remains, an unwavering top-priority.

Inseto is DELO’s exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland and has extensive experience of supporting customers in high-tech engineering sectors – including electronics and microelectronics – and harsh environment industries including aerospace, automotive and oil and gas.

Robert Saller, managing director of DELO, comments: “Since their appointment in 1998, Inseto has always impressed us with their knowledge of adhesives and the way in which they work tirelessly with customers to find fit-for-purpose solutions.”

In addition to advising customers on which standard products will best meet their requirements, Inseto has worked with DELO’s R&D chemists during the development of new adhesives needed for custom applications. One such example of this collaborative process resulted in the development and launch of a light-activated adhesive and process; in that the components being bonded were non-transparent, so the light-curing had to be ‘triggered’ at a critical build stage.

Celebrating 20 years of partnership. Robert Saller (left), managing director of DELO, presents Eamonn Redmond, sales manager of Inseto, with a plaque and certificate of appreciation in recognition of the distributor’s dedication

Other success stories, and there are many, include the provision of adhesives for: the bonding of positional sensors in power assisted steering modules using a pre-activated cationic epoxy; the mechanical protection of large components in high-vibration environments using a light-cured epoxy; the encapsulation of electronic components in single-use medical instruments using a two-part Polyurethane; and the protection of silicon die and wire bonds in multiple microelectronic applications.

Eamonn Redmond, sales manager of Inseto, comments: “It’s a privilege to be working with DELO, as the company has a very healthy attitude to R&D, and as the industry presents new bonding challenges, the company is quick to respond with not just new chemistries for adhesives but also the processes required to meet customers’ needs.”

Redmond’s observation is borne out by the fact that more than 40 per cent of DELO’s revenue during its most recent financial year, came from adhesives developed in the last three years; proof-positive that the company is responding to industry’s emerging needs. Recent ground-breaking technologies include: dual-curing adhesives for use in multiple applications; low-temperature curing adhesives for temperature-sensitive substrates; and high temperature-resistant epoxies for the most demanding of applications.

Saller concludes: “Inseto has played a crucial role in strengthening our footprint in the UK and Ireland during the last 20 years and we’re very much looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

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