Amplifier Technology has delivered over 30 new products over the past 12 months – covering a variety of applications

With its extensive experience, Amplifier Technology has market leading capability to design and manufacture world-leading levels of high power amplifier performance for customers, both in terms of standard and bespoke products.

Reverse Engineering for Obsolescence Replacement

When the terms of a European military contract required drop-in replacements for an obsolete RF transmitter-amplifier that had now become impossible to source, it turned to Bristol-based Amplifier Technology. With its unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of leading edge RF high power amplifiers for a wide variety of applications, Amplifier Technology was able to reverse engineer the 25 year old technology and develop a 21st Century version that the customer could use with its existing battlefield radios.

Armies, navies and air forces around the world are rapidly embracing new communications technologies and standards, but there is still a broad base of equipment in the field that continues to provide battle-proven performance in the world’s most demanding conflict zones. Military hardened voice-set communication battlefield radios in particular can provide decades of trusted service, and an upgrade with modern components can prove far more cost-effective than outright replacement.

The requirement was for a tough, highly reliable RF power amplifier covering (NATO Band II) frequencies for voice communications. The amplifier had to be robust, compact and powerful, offering 15-20W power while taking its supply from the radio itself. Land or vehicle mounted, the amplifier had to be shock and vibration resistant, and offer military-standard endurance even in the most demanding of environmental conditions. And it went without saying that a fast turnaround time for the design was a prerequisite.

As a drop-in replacement for the original Marconi radio transmitter, Amplifier Technology developed the 8869 radio communications amplifier. Slotting into the radio transmitter either on land or in-vehicle, it provides a signal boost to extend the voice communications range by miles. Measuring just 268×65.4x48mm and weighing 1kg, the 8869 significantly improves on the performance of the original Marconi amplifier.

As experts with many years experience in developing communications technologies that meet the needs of modern warfare environments, Amplifier Technology’s engineers are well placed to advise on power amplifier design, both to ensure robust and reliable performance and to guarantee interoperability across different platforms and standards.

Broadband power amplifier designed for laboratory test applications

Amplifier Technology has introduced a PA in standard rack format, designed for laboratory applications. Covering the 500MHz to 2.5GHz frequency range, the 8865 rack amplifier meets the needs of laboratory test applications where wide bandwidth, high gain, high linearity and high power are all important.

This highly cost effective solution is housed in a 19in, 3U rack enclosure, and delivers a typical output power of 100W, with up to 50dB gain. Output is extremely linear (±1dB) across the full frequency range. The 8865 provides 50O N-type RF input and output connectors, and control of the amplifier is either via the front panel touch screen or by computer over the integrated USB interface, enabling either local control in the laboratory or remote control for automated test procedures.

Rugged and highly reliable, the 8865 meets MIL-STD 810F for shock and vibration. Built-in forced air cooling ensures long term reliability even when operating at high power for extended periods.

A built-in, universal 100-240V AC single phase 50Hz power supply allows for operation in a number of different regions without the need to change power supply settings.

Highly linear power amplifiers boost cellular base station effectiveness

Amplifier Technology has introduced two new power amplifiers for cellular base station and telecoms applications, providing extremely linear output power to ensure the clean and consistent transmission demanded for reliable cellular service. The 8860 power amplifier covers the frequency range 1.3-1.5GHz, while the 8862 power amplifier covers the frequency range 2.3-2.7GHz. Both deliver a minimum linear output power (P1) of 19W, with high gain, ±1db gain flatness and excellent phase linearity across the whole frequency range.

Today’s base station amplifiers must be able to cope with multicarrier signals, high data rates and a wide range of wireless standards. With their high linearity, the 8860 and 8862 power amplifiers provide excellent error vector magnitude (EVM) with even the most complex waveforms to meet the demands of the latest generations of digital systems, ensuring reliable cellular coverage even under rapidly changing conditions.

The 8860 is built on GaN technology while the 8862 is designed using LDMOS in a Doherty configuration. Both deliver high efficiency power in a compact form factor. Measuring 180x75x20mm and weighing 400g, the 8860 and 8862 power amplifiers provide an SMA RF connector and a 9-way D-type connector for control and monitoring.

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