Amphenol HeavyMate connectors available now from Astute

The Amphenol-Tuchel modular C146 HeavyMate connectors for signal and power transmission are available now from Astute Electronics.

The versatile HeavyMate range consists of hoods, housings, inserts and various contact types designed for external applications where EMC protection is important; where a high number of contacts may be required or a range of signals are being transmitted; and where there is a need for a safe, robust and lockable system.

Gary Evans, E-Mech division manager of Astute, said: “The HeavyMate range is a great series of modular connectors that can be configured for bespoke installations. Everything from the insert and the cable glands to the housings can be made to order. They are well named and can handle the harshest of uses.”

The corrosion-resistant HeavyMate range includes hybrid interconnections and supports mixed voltages from 250K to 1KV. They come with three to 280 poles per connector and current ratings range from 10A up to 250A per contact.

Various contact technologies are available, from turned copper female contacts for greater carrying capacity to industry standard turned contacts. Radsok laminated contacts are available for low-transition resistance and high-current applications as well as budget-friendly high-performance stamped contacts for semi-automatic processing, and finally selectively-coated, gold-plated stamped contacts are also available.

Able to withstand high level of vibration, available in varying IP rating 65 to IP68 and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The HeavyMate range also has two plating options. Standard or high-end, which has a sea mist resistance of up to 500 hours.

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