AMP’s 4 channel H.264 Encoder boasts less than 40ms compression delay

AMP is making available its lowest latency H.264 encoding engine in a PCI-104 form factor. Targeted at video distribution applications which demand a near real-time user experience, the H264ULL encodes four full frame rate, full resolution video inputs in parallel with latency of less than 4oms on all channels and with minimal CPU overhead. When paired with AMPs H264ULL-Decoder, glass-to-glass latency of less than 100ms is achieved.

Applications such as tele-op (teleoperation) of high speed vehicles and precise remote manipulation of objects across a low bandwidth communications channel require both highly efficient compression and short round-trip delay. AMP’s H264ULL-Encoder is able to deliver both of these capabilities in an easy to integrate single PCI-104 card.

The H264ULL also provides stream duplication which is the ability for a single video input to be compressed into multiple streams with different characteristics. This helps eliminate the need for trans-coding to support devices with different resolutions such as smartphone and flat panel displays. Additional features provided by the H264ULL-Encoder include OSD Video Text Overlay, full control of video input, trans-sizing, trans-rating, and motion detection.

Bobby Gintz, Director of Applications Engineering at AMP, comments, “The H264ULL-Encoder achieves the gold standard in terms of quality, reliability, durability and application and we’re delighted to be making it available to new and existing customers.”

To help designers rapidly integrate the ULL-Encoder into their systems, AMP provides drivers, SDKs and technical support for popular versions of Windows and Linux operating systems.

The H264ULL-Encoder is available in commercial and extended temperature versions for integration and deployment across the globe in the most demanding of military and commercial environments and applications including UGVs, UAV, submersible ROVs, rail transit, and surveillance military and harsh environment applications.

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