America II unveils a new global website and web app

America II Electronics, one of the world’s largest independent distributors of semiconductors and electronics components, has announced the launch of a newly-designed global website. Located at, the site features a new design, enhanced navigation, an improved part search, a BOM (Bill of Materials) upload tool and localisation capabilities. In addition, a web app is available for handheld Apple and Android devices.

America II’s new website has been designed with the customer experience in mind and uses the latest technology so that the site is compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices. In addition, the company has focused on functionality and localisation capabilities for its worldwide customers.

“We wanted to develop a truly global website that allowed customers around the world to access the same information in whatever language they choose,” said America II President, Brian Ellison. “Through language localisation, we can present a consistent message while adapting to cultural differences within our global markets.”

America II has initially launched its new website in five languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin. The company stated that additional languages will be integrated into the site over the coming months. New and improved features, such as the part search – which gives customers real-time access to America II’s 165,000 unique part numbers in stock – and the new BOM upload tool are available to all customers in all languages.

“Building rich online content wasn’t our only goal,” added Ellison. “We also wanted to give customers the ability to access content on the go and share information with colleagues. So we also have a new web app that allows customers to access our inventory anytime, anywhere from an Apple iOS or Android device. In addition, we’ve given customers the ability to share news across all major social networking sites.”


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