Altus Supports Leaders in Drive Technology with Flexible Assembly Line Solutions

Nidec Control Techniques is continuing to lead in the drive technology sector by enhancing their UK assembly line with innovative capital equipment from Altus Group.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of electric motor control technology for commercial and industrial applications, Nidec Control Techniques ensures high performance, reliability and energy efficiency is applied across every application.

To guarantee their place as frontrunners in their field, Nidec Control Techniques continually review their capital equipment investment to guarantee production runs effectively with the latest technology. Looking to invest in new SMT line equipment, together with a hand placement line for conventional assembly upstream from the wave soldering process, the company approached Altus for advice.

Tony Sweetman, Sales Manager- Altus Group said: “In a perfect world, our customers would be able to obtain standard products, which meet particular technical and commercial needs, however, in reality there are some processes or physical constraints. In some cases, a customised system may be the only solution to a successful automated production line.

“For Nidec Control Techniques requirements’ we turned to our preeminent supplier YJ Link and their range of board handling equipment. Together with YJ Link, we are both becoming, more like production line integrators where a few special cells are needed to optimise the task in hand. We were able to work on a bespoke configurations specifically for Nidec Control Techniques requirements,” explained Tony.

Richard Morgan, Nidec Control Techniques said: “We decided to proceed with Altus Group and YJ Link for many reasons, but a big influencer was the price to performance that YJ Link offered in comparison to what is available in the market.

“We invested with YJ Link for a full SMT line which has gone in smoothly after moving away from our previous supplier. Following its installation we have been pleased with the project outcome and line performance.

“Investment has also been made in a pre-wave soldering configuration, supporting the automation of our conventional assembly prior to the wave soldering process. YJ Link offered a unique configuration that met our needs. We required a solution that incorporated lighting, telescopic shelving and lin bin holders to take our conventional placement prior to wave to a new level.”

Tony concluded: “The implementation of the new equipment has improved the process to make its production line more responsive. By automating conventional assembly with manual placement lines, in combination with wave soldering processes, we have provided a cost-effective solution to automated production.”

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