Altus adds new Yamaha products to its portfolio

Altus Group, leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has added a range of new products to its portfolio, with the introduction of the Yamaha (ALF) Auto Loading Feeder and a new generation surface mounter.

Yamaha’s unique ALF centre-open system revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating the reliance on user skill. Operators can easily supply tape components by simply inserting the tape itself without the need for splicing or complex routing of the tape through the feeder, and without stopping the machine or interrupting production.

The ALF design also lowers tape waste and paper dust particles therefore reducing pickup errors. With the addition of a second reel to supply in the same feeder at any time during operation, the machine’s down time is cut which in turn increases line efficiency and boosts placement quality.

Also new to the books is Yamaha’s new Σ-G5S II surface mounter. This latest generation model further improves upon the Σ-G5S premium modular mounter that achieved both high speed and versatility and caters to various components with its rotary head design based on a ‘1-head solution’ concept.

Σ-G5S II retains all the features of its predecessor, including the high-speed high-accuracy rotary direct-drive head, the overdrive motion for highly efficient production by picking up components from either the front or rear feeder on the machine, and the Super Loading (SL) feeder that eliminates the need to splice new tape to the existing tape being used when feeding components into the tape feeder, the device feeding electrical components.

It also gains new head designs, an improved PCB feeding sequence, an enlarged internal buffer size for feeding larger PCBs and more to improve productivity. Additionally, its mounting speed of 90,000 CPH represents an improvement of approximately 20 per cent compared to the Σ-G5S.

Quality has also been improved by extending the detection range of components held by the mounter to immediately before placement. In addition, reliability has been further enhanced due to better balance for the beam motors to bolster stability, lower internal temperature by improving cooling performance, extending the service life of important components like the high-speed multi-purpose head and more.

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