Altium’s TASKING division reports record revenue and customer growth

Altium announced that its TASKING division, headquartered in Munich, Germany, reported revenues of $11.7 million, representing growth of 18 per cent for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. In addition to record revenue performance, TASKING acquired a record number of new customers, achieved ASPICE Level 2 certification, and introduced four new products to complement its highly successful TASKING VX Compiler Toolset.

TASKING designs and sells embedded software development tools for a variety of processor platforms. Primary growth over the last several years has been in the extensive toolset for the Infineon TriCore and AURIX multicore processors, targeted at automotive, agriculture, and industrial automation markets. Applications include automotive control systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), drive-train control, and autonomous driving functions.

“We are very pleased with our financial results for FY 2017 and are seeing continued growth into our new year. Our continuing relationship with Infineon led us to co-develop new products that will further benefit TriCore/AURIX users,” commented Franz Maidl, Director Global TASKING Business.

“Given the rise in complex, smart systems using multi-core processors, embedded software developers are faced with the challenge of reliably developing safety critical applications for automotive, agriculture, and industrial automation. Embedded systems developers need a fast, robust compiler and development tool solutions to fully exploit the hardware capabilities and produce high-quality and safe code,” added Maidl.

Automotive SPICE Certification

In March, TASKING received ASPICE Level 2 certification for the TASKING Toolset for TriCore/AURIX. This achievement signifies the standard of product development process that TASKING applies to provide quality, reliable products and continues the commitment to customers to help them produce high quality results in safety-related projects. This accreditation further substantiates the capabilities and proficiency that TASKING provides for safe and reliable automotive solutions.

“Our partnership with TASKING has a successful history in jointly addressing our automotive and industrial customers,” said Peter Schaefer, vice president and general manager Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies at the time of the release. “The successful Automotive SPICE audit is an important step for TASKING to continue offering robust solutions for the global automotive and industrial market.”

New Product Introductions (NPI)

During Altium’s 2017 fiscal year, three new products were introduced, the TASKING Embedded DebuggerTASKING LAPACK Performance Libraries, and the TASKING Safety Checker. The debugger is a streamlined product that allows it to be licensed by itself instead of bundled with a compiler. Its price point allows companies to literally put a debugger on every developer’s desktop. The performance libraries provide access to the Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK) a quasi-standard for intense data manipulation such as used in automotive applications. The Safety Checker allows developers to validate that there are no incursions into protected memory by unauthourised segments of code.

A fourth new product was released in September 2017, the TASKING Embedded Profiler. This intelligent profiler was developed in partnership with Infineon and includes expert knowledge of the TriCore and AURIX processors. This allows even non-experts to find performance issues and the tool then suggests how to fix the code to improve performance, saving developers a significant amount of time.

“We have been jointly working with TASKING on this new Embedded Profiler and it’s a great tool to easily identify and implement code changes which improve performance on our AURIX hardware — without the need to have all the expert know-how of the hardware itself,” explained Ralf Ködel, marketing director Industrial and Automotive Microcontroller at Infineon Technologies. “It will be of great benefit especially in today’s challenging ADAS projects.”

Into the Future

The new product introductions by both TASKING and Infineon have them prepared for the safe future of transportation. “The industry is growing, and we’re excited to be part of it,” concluded Maidl. “Autonomous vehicles are poised to explode and we’re prepared to drive the industry forward.”

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