Altera showcases SoC solutions at Embedded World

Altera will showcase how it is further extending its position in SoC solutions at Embedded World 2015. Demonstrations show how Altera’s SoCs are enabling advanced embedded systems featured in automotive and industrial applications. Altera offers a comprehensive portfolio of SoC FPGAs. At Embedded World 2015, Altera will display its second generation SoC family, Arria 10 SoCs, the only 20nm SoC FPGA family, which provide embedded developers access to a high-performance applications-class ARM processor, integrated into a high-performance 20nm programmable fabric.

Additional in-both demonstrations showcase the performance and flexibility Altera SoCs deliver to embedded automotive and industrial systems. Altera’s SoCs are based on a world-class architecture that provide embedded developers several features, including IP security, error correction and encryption.

Altera’s Show Highlights:

In-booth demonstrations include:

• Altera’s Second-generation SoC – Altera will showcase to attendees Arria 10 SoCs, the industry’s only 20 nm FPGA integrating a hardened ARM processor subsystem. Visitors will see first-hand how Altera’s second-generation SoCs deliver optimal performance, better power efficiencies and smaller form factor.

• Cloud-based PLCs Enabled by Low-cost SoCs – An implementation of an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) system on a board featuring a Cyclone V SoC. This integrated solutions combines embedded software, graphics libraries, powerful application-class processors and programmable silicon to accommodate all the custom backplane, industrial interface and peripheral requirements for automation systems and custom factory automation controllers.

• Securing Embedded Systems IP with SoCs – Security is an increasingly important part of many embedded systems and this demonstration includes several industry standard encryption algorithms running on a low-cost Cyclone V SoC.

• Video Processing Acceleration – This demonstration shows how FPGA-based vision processing solutions for industrial and automotive applications can deliver higher performance and lower power consumption. The demonstrations leverages Altera’s Video IP product for rapid deployment and was developed using OpenCL, demonstrating how Altera based solutions can deliver high productivity as well as power efficient accelerated video processing.

• Motor Control in a Single-chip, Non-volatile FPGA – This demonstration uses a non-volatile MAX 10 FPGA to drive a three phase DC motor.

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