Altera enhances design environment for 20 nm FPGAs and SoCs

Altera Corporation has released Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0, providing what it believes is the most advanced 20 nm FPGA and SoC design environment currently available. Altera’s proven Quartus II software delivers fast compile times and enables the highest performance for 20 nm FPGA and SoC designs in the industry. Customers can further accelerate their Arria 10 FPGA and SoC design cycles by using the broad portfolio of 20 nm-optimised IP cores included in this latest software release.

Altera’s 20 nm design tools feature advanced algorithms and are able to deliver very high quality results. With compiler times on average 2x faster than its main competitors the Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0 provides a productivity advantage which allows customers to shorten design iterations and rapidly close timing on their 20 nm design. The software also enables the highest performance 20 nm designs – providing customers more than a one-speed grade performance advantage over competitive FPGAs.

Included in the latest software release is a full complement of 20 nm-optimised IP cores to enable faster design cycles. The IP portfolio includes standard protocol and memory interfaces, DSP and SoC IP cores. Altera also optimised its popular best-in-class IP cores for Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs, which include 100G Ethernet, 300G Interlaken, Interlaken Look-Aside and PCI Express Gen3 IP. When implemented in Altera’s Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs, these best-in-class IP cores deliver the highest performance in the FPGA industry.



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