Alloy conversion services for high reliability industries

For many years Retronix have worked with companies in the high reliability industries (eg Defence, Avionics, Oil & Gas) who have had problems procuring the ICs they need in the format they require. Most components are now manufactured in lead free format only, giving an issue to companies in the high-reliability sector who still use lead processes.

The fabs in the main are not interested in producing customised components in small volumes, except at very high premiums, so for the most part it is left to the buyer to convert the ICs to lead.

The problem so far has been in finding a method of doing this that meets the strict process control demands of their industry, such as ANSI/GEIA-STD-0006. This is especially true of BGA packaged components, where until now there has not been a safe process that meets Hi-Reliability standards.

This has now changed, with the recent introduction of Retronix’s Alloy Conversion service, there now exists a process that converts ICs while meeting the exacting standards of Hi-Reliability industries:


  • Hot air knife solder removal – repeatable, safe heat profile, non touch so no abrasion
  • Laser Reball – no reflow solder ball attach

These processes are the only ones available that ensure our customers meet IC manufacturers recommendations on maximum number of reflow profiles.


  • Fully automatic QFP/TSOP etc. dipping. Repeatable and avoids operator error
  • Double dip for maximum protection against oxidisation for harsh environment electronics
  • Gold embrittlement mitigation
  • Tin Whisker Mitigation

Peak Solder Temperature


Peak Die Temperature


Peak Solder Temperature


Time (Sec)


Peak Die Temperature


Time (Sec)


With inhouse solderability and alloy testing, as well as electrical test, Retronix Ltd are increasingly becoming a vital part of our customers supply chain. We offer a rapid service also, at a premium.

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Tin Whisker Solution

Over the years Retronix Ltd has listened to our customers, worked with them, developing processes that have saved them countless millions over the past 16 years. The original business was on reducing scrap values which affect their bottom lines, from repairing PCB’s with high end PCB Repair equipment to the latest BGA Component Packages utilising Laser Technology to Reball all sizes of BGA’s to converting the alloys of their existing component stock so it can be used in either RoHS or non-RoHS assemblies, preventing the need for costly scrap write-off’s.

One of the main threats to appear in recent years (although it’s been a known problem for decades) is Tin Whiskers. Tin whiskers are growths (in many shapes and sizes) coming out of a tin plated termination, mainly attributed to stress in the plating. These growths can extend to adjacent terminations causing shorts.

This phenomenon has increased with the move to lead free soldering. The presence of lead in the alloy has been shown to inhibit the formation of tin whiskers. Retronix’s solution is to convert the pure tin alloy on the termination to one with lead content, using unique processes that meet the stringent standards of even high reliability industries such as defence and avionics

  • Meets ANSI/GEIA-STD-0006
  • Fully automated and repeatable
  • Can be used for most SMT & thru hole components
  • ICOS, XRF & Solderability testing available in house for verification

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