Alfen selected to supply 10MW battery energy storage system to Uniper

Uniper has recently selected Alfen to supply a large-scale battery energy storage system connected to its hybrid power plant at the Maasvlakte in the Netherlands. The 10MW (10MWh) storage system will be deployed to respond to the growing need for grid services.

Alfen will supply the storage system based on its innovative high-density concept, which allows for a compact design of 10MW in only four 40 feet containers. This fully closed container concept is uniquely suited for the harsh sea environment at the Maasvlakte site.

The power storage system forms part of Uniper’s concept of facilitating the energy transition, by providing frequency and voltage regulation services for the high-voltage power grid.

Michel Groeneveld from Uniper, comments: “We selected Alfen because of its substantial track-record with power storage systems. Especially Alfen’s recent similar-sized reference projects in the Netherlands added to our belief that Alfen is the right partner for us. Decisive was the overall competence of the Alfen team during the tender process. They master the implementation of the end-to-end solution, going from grid study, design optimization and customizing up to integration in our existing assets. Their pre-assembled plug-and-play concept ensures minimum on-site disruption and their experience supports a smooth integration.”

Stephanie Schockaert, sales manager at Alfen, adds: “We are proud to be selected for this large-scale storage solution to complement Uniper’s hybrid power plant. The addition of battery energy storage to a hybrid power plant unlocks new grid service opportunities and contributes to the integration of renewable power generation in the Netherlands. Our recent project in the Rotterdam harbour with a 10MW storage system positions us well to also support Uniper in the most optimal way.”

The storage system is expected to be operational in Q3 2020.


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