Alfamation streamlines testing of infotainment modules with Flexmedia-K video analyser

Alfamation, a leading provider of state-of-the-art turnkey test and measurement solutions, confirms its role as an innovative provider of automated test solutions for the automotive market by securing a contract from a leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive infotainment systems. Alfamation’s Flexmedia Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyser is specifically designed for testing video, audio and data streams used in the latest generation of automotive infotainment systems.


This innovated analyzer is a custom-optimised implementation of Alfamation’s Flexmedia K-series of high-speed video analysers providing a flexible and robust method for both laboratory and automated functional testing either in R&D or for production of multiple DUTs (devices under test) for infotainment applications. FlexMedia K-Series video testers provide extensive compatibility to support all the key features offered by major chipsets.


Alfamation has recently been awarded a substantial contract to provide its Flexmedia Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyser to a leading automotive infotainment subsystem manufacturer. With this new custom-designed product, Alfamation has again demonstrated its capacity to envision, engineer and manufacture a derivative product meeting specific customer requirements at an optimised cost-to-performance ratio.


Utilising Alfamation’s Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyser, customers will now be able to guarantee the quality of the infotainment systems coming off their high-speed production lines, while greatly reducing testing costs. Operating remotely via a Telnet or SHH protocol, the FlexMedia analyser can perform rapid frame grabbing of incoming video and a full analysis of the video stream in real-time.


“Complexity when combined with the rapid development cycles in the automotive industry is creating niches for companies like ours that can provide a higher level of customer-specific service and know-how in the multimedia systems arena,’ said Mauro Arigossi, CEO of Alfamation.


The Flexmedia Dual Channel Multimedia Stream Analyser units are available now.

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