AICSYS announces the WMC-704M

AICSYS, Inc. showcase product of WMC-704M is a standard seven slot full-length wallmount chassis with four drive bays for Shoebox / Mid-tower. It supports ATX motherboard and PS2 power supply. It is suitable for many challenging environment and application which makes this chassis perfect workstation as it could be installed vertically as mid-tower or horizontally as shoebox chassis for administrators.


WMC-704M is a standard seven slot full-length “Shoebox” or Mid-tower industrial wallmount chassis. It is designed for the integration of data centre systems and to support ATX motherboard especially in unpredictable public environment for industrial automation applications. Made with solid heavy-duty steel construction, it is equipped with two 5.25” and one 3.5” external drive bays, and one internal 3.5” drive bays with PS/2 connector in the front for basic system requirement. A fixed hold-down bar with clamps to guarantee a secure and steady operation against any vibrations. In addition, a 12cm ball bearing fan with replaceable air filter ensure excellent and clean cooling system for high capacity applications. Hence, it allows the administrators with the abilities to increase the efficient and flexibilities to use a system while managing and maintaining a resourceful platform. WMC-704M offers robust solution for mounting your telecom, network, data centre, imaging system, server equipment in public area such as the CCTV surveillance recording or mobile SNG broadcasting systems.


AICSYS, Inc. has been an IPC private manufacturer behind the scene in the IPC industry for almost two decades with operations based in Taiwan. We specialised in OEM/ODM project and manufacturing many of the industries chassis to major players in Europe, ASIA, North America and Worldwide. By using our advantages of manufacturing experiences, unique innovative engineering and customer support, AICSYS, Inc. is and will be your best solution to your next successful business deal.


Product features

  •     Heavy-duty steel construction shoebox industrial chassis can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  •    Two 5.25” and two 3.5” drive bays (one hidden)
  •    12cm ball-bearing fan with replaceable air-filter
  •   Supports PS2 or mini redundant power supply
  •    Two USB 2.0 optional
  •    330 x 406 x 204.2mm / 13 x 16 x 8inches (WxDxH)

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