Agilent and FIME unveil mobile payment test system

Agilent Technologies and the secure-chip consulting and testing provider, FIME, have announced the availability of test systems that are based on the EMV Contactless Level 1 Specification for mobile payments. The test systems enable users to validate that a contactless payment card or mobile device achieves the required functionality and will perform as specified by EMV industry standards.

This initial release is now available to purchase as an off-the-shelf product for in-house testing.

“The addition of FIME’s EMV RF test capabilities to the Agilent T3111S Conformance Test System and our ongoing work with FIME will enable us to bring our measurement technologies into the global mobile payment marketplace.”” said Joe DePond, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Mobile Broadband Operation.

“This is a major step in the partnership recently announced by FIME and Agilent,” said Pascal Le Ray, general manager of FIME. “This state-of-the-art test system will complement our portfolio of EMV contact, contactless and mobile certification tools, laboratory services and consulting expertise.”

The joint FIME and Agilent PICC test systems, covering both analogue RF and digital protocol, are built on Agilent’s T3111S NFC Conformance Test System. The test benches are based on EMV version 2.3.1 test plans for pre-certification test and device evaluation. Qualification of the Agilent tool by EMVCo is in progress.

The addition of FIME’s EMV L1 Analog RF and Agilent’s EMV L1 Digital Protocol test suites expand the Agilent T3111S test system’s capabilities. Built on the Agilent T1141A NFC Test Set, the system is available with test suites covering NFC Forum Analog RF, Digital Protocol, LLCP and SNEP1, together with ISO 14443/18092 (proximity) and ISO 15693/18000-3 (vicinity) coverage. The test system now offers support for the FIME robots in addition to the Agilent T1142A Automatic Positioning Robot.

For FIME, the incorporation of EMV L1 analogue RF test with Agilent’s T3111S Test System brings extended hardware support and features to FIME’s industry-leading EMV test products, lab services and consulting.


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