AFuzion launches new DO-178C multicore & 2nd Generation IMA services & training

AFuzion announces all-new avionics development training for avionics multicore developers and DO-297 compliant 2ndGeneration IMA services.

Vance Hilderman, chief executive officer, AFuzion inc, comments: “We’re very pleased to be adding this new FAA CAST 32A compliant Multi-Core training services. The new 2ndgeneration Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) capabilities go hand in hand with this – it’s what our customers have been requesting the past year and tomorrow’s capabilities are now available, today.”

The service translates and defines how to apply FAA and EASA certification compliance objectives to achieve 2ndgeneration IMA platform design, as facilitated by development platforms such as the Lynx Software Technologies LynxSecure Safety Bundle (LSB).

Lee Cresswell, vice president of Global Sales at Lynx Software Technologies, commented: “We are excited to see AFuzion, a world leading avionics certification training and services company, launching development training for avionics multicore designs including 2ndgeneration IMA services in parallel with our announcement of the LynxSecure Safety Bundle. It emphasises the strong momentum behind this major shift in avionics system design.”

Multicore processing has changed the embedded processing world allowing greater processing power in smaller footprints. Previously, technical aspects of provable determinism and safety precluded multicore usage in safety-critical avionics systems.  But the revision of CAST 32 to CAST 32A, principally by FAA and EASA certification authorities, has laid the groundwork for multicore certifiability within avionics. Certifiability however requires a CAST 32A compliant IMA development platform and integrated DO-178 RTOS to be able to properly certify multicore safety-critical applications.

Jeff Stevenson, business manager, AFuzion, added: “We’ve recently worked with Lynx Software Technologies on deploying their multicore and 2ndGeneration IMA capabilities, our AFuzion services align well with Lynx’ outstanding new technical offerings for multicore and IMA. Now, our mutual customers will be able to leverage our capabilities together for tools, RTOS’s, training, and avionics development deployment services.”

Vance Hilderman concluded: “AFuzion engineers have helped over 400 of the world’s largest 500 avionics development companies. We’ve trained over 17,000 of their engineers to be better and brought over sixty of their products to market in just the past four years. We are excited to support our customers in creating the new generation of multicore avionics designs.”

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