Advanced Interconnections

Advanced Interconnections has long been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced interconnect solutions. Since 1982, Advanced has been an established partner for dozens of manufacturers and corporations worldwide.

Now more than ever, the demand for high-quality, precision components continues to skyrocket. We at Advanced are always working to provide you with the deliverables you need, in the time frame you need, no matter what your requirements are.

Our mission is to partner with our worldwide customers to provide innovative electronic interconnect solutions. We design products with superior reliability and technologically advanced features, customized to solve difficult design problems.

Advanced accomplishes this through our organizational commitment to a quality-centric corporate culture. From our manufacturing line workers to our engineers, salespeople, and leadership, Advanced knows quality matters at every level. This commitment to quality is possible only because every team member at Advanced knows they play an important part in delivering quality to our customers. Advanced is committed to customer satisfaction by meeting quality and delivery requirements in pursuit of our mission, while continuously measuring and improving our processes within our stringent Quality Management System.

Our three guiding principles are communication, consistency, and continual improvement. To us, communication means that requirements are communicated and understood throughout our organization, supply chain, and customer base. As for consistency, our customers have the assurance that our processes are defined and employees are trained to ensure accurate and repeatable results. Continual improvement means Advanced takes an introspective, analytical approach to our operations. Objective data is used to measure and drive improvements. We believe these three guiding principles are a win-win for our customers and our organization.


Our fully integrated manufacturing operation is located in West Warwick, Rhode Island. We exercise complete control over our manufacturing operations – from the raw materials used to make our products to final inspection. Our clean, modern facilities are designed with process control in mind. This ensures that each product that comes off of our lines is of the highest quality and can meet the most exacting specifications.

Even as times change and the need for rapid prototyping and delivery grows, Advanced always keeps abreast of industry developments and proactively communicates with our customer base to ensure that market needs are met.

Our customer-focused quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This ensures that you can count on us for consistent, high-quality products.

Our designs are used in electronic applications around the world including telecommunications, military, automotive development, high-end computer servers, medical equipment and more.

Some of our in-house capabilities include screw machined terminals, pins and sockets, prototype to production volume manufacturing, insulators, carriers, strips, and cover products, and assembly/value added services.

Our precision screw machine technology enables us to deliver unique terminal designs that are created to withstand the conditions and considerations of your project needs. We offer solder ball, solder preform, and special plating options to allow for even more versatility in our offerings. We also offer precision drilling and routing of FR4, Swiss-type screw machining and high-volume production runs.

Advanced understands that it isn’t always economical to be forced to purchase dozens or hundreds of products. Whether you need one prototype or you are ready for a full production run, Advanced has the capability to service your unique organizational or project needs. Our staff of experienced engineers also offer concept drawings and prototype samples when you need them.

Whether your project requirements involve more straightforward capabilities or specialized software and hardware, Advanced has the machinery and equipment in house to design and manufacture specialized, proprietary products. We offer a state-of-the-art tool making capability, from mold design through cutting steel. We design for manufacturability and are able to offer products with attributes that our competitors may not be able to.

We are also well known for our ability to manufacture durable, high-quality insulators, carriers, strips and covers along with our ability to offer polyimide film insulator piercing and stamping.

If you have parts that have already been manufactured, we can help you assemble these products and bring them one step closer to the deliverables you need. We also offer surface mount assembly, automated optical inspection, and tape and reel packaging.

Advanced offers solutions across the entire product spectrum – whether it’s high-quality standard parts, a customized part for your specific application, or a completely proprietary part designed from scratch, Advanced’s scalable breadth of manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide service in a way that no one else can. Quality is built-in right from the beginning, all the way through the whole process. If you depend on high-reliabilty products that can’t fail, Advanced is right for you.

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