AdaCore’s GNAT Pro supports Lynx Software Technologies’ LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor on Intel Processors

Avionics Electronics Europe Conference – AdaCore, a trusted provider of software development and verification tools, today announced that customers using the LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor from Lynx Software Technologies can take advantage of GNAT Pro in a variety of scenarios to maximize their productivity with Ada.  Potential use cases include migrating code from PowerPC LynxOS-178 to Intel LynxOS-178 under LynxSecure, writing safe and secure lightweight Bare-Metal LynxSecure Applications in Ada, and running Ada code under guest OSes such as Windows and Linux.

Ada brings many benefits to avionics software developers through higher reliability, increased confidence in an application’s safety and security, and lower verification costs. The language’s strong typing and other compile-time checks detect errors early, when they are least expensive to correct. And Ada’s contract-based programming features (such as subprogram pre- and postconditions) embed low-level requirements in the source code where they can be verified either with run-time checks, or, with appropriate tool support such as from the SPARK Pro technology, through static analysis.  These benefits have long been enjoyed by GNAT Pro customers using Lynx Software Technologies’ solutions, and the support for LynxSecure opens up new opportunities for Ada developers. Projects using LynxOS-178 as part of the LynxSecure Safety Bundle can realize system SWaP (Size, Weight and Performance) benefits through safe sub-system consolidation on multi-core processors and, in a DO-178B/C context, save significant certification costs by taking advantage of Reusable Software Component (RSC) artifacts.

“AdaCore and Lynx Software Technologies have a number of important customers developing Ada programs on the LynxOS-178 platform,” stated Jamie Ayre, commercial director at AdaCore. “Support for the Intel version will allow them to upgrade to the latest version of the technology and benefit from the advantages the LynxSecure Kernel can bring when building safe and secure multi-core embedded systems.”

“The powerful combination of AdaCore and the LynxSecure Safety Bundle for Intel processors is significantly reducing the time, cost and risk of building and maintaining safe multi-core systems,” said Lee Cresswell, vice president sales, Lynx Software Technologies, Inc. “The LynxSecure Safety Bundle supports a smooth transition from federated to integrated modular avionics (IMA), enabling system integrators to leverage modern multi-core hardware to consolidate multiple Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) onto a single platform.”

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