A dynamic change of face for Dynamic EMS

Mr. John Dignan, MD of Dynamic EMS, tells us why he rebranded Dynamic EMS to reflect the electronics manufacturing industry’s future value proposition trends.

The first thing that you will notice about the revised Dynamic EMS identity, is the shift away from the darker tones that the company had become known in the industry for. At this comment, Mr. Dignan laughs and explains: “If you look at many EMS companies who branded themselves around the late 80’s, early 90’s, you will notice the use dark colours. These tones almost became synonymous with manufacturing. As Dynamic EMS has broken away from the traditional manufacturing offering to provide a far greater level of integrated services and solutions, we felt it was time to expand and breathe fresh life into our company.”

So, what steps have Dynamic EMS taken to evolve? Mr. Dignan continues: “Visually you can see that we have moved to a bolder and more confident typeface that we believe is structured like a building block. This is to denote the fact that, at Dynamic EMS, we custom build products to our customer’s specifications. If our customers do not have design skills, then we become their product solution architect to embrace the front-end service of design, enabling us to design the product for manufacture, test, cost, commercialisation and, in some instances, life. The EMS part of our brand has been harnessed to communicate that it is our core competence, it’s the service that we built the company on, but it is only part of our offering. We recognised some time ago that the actual electronics manufacturing service (EMS) was a commodity and that there was a shift in the market from build-to-print, to an extended offering along a greater value chain. It’s not even cradle to grave anymore, it’s cradle to cradle. Therefore, we have adopted the tagline ‘We Are Dynamic’ and introduced sub brands; Dynamic EMS, Dynamic Development, Dynamic Supply Chain, Dynamic Markets, Dynamic People and Dynamic Quality. All of these component pieces of the business fit together to complete the total picture of why ‘We Are Dynamic’ as well as providing us with a brand qualifier as to the term ‘dynamic.’

“In an industry where speed to market counts, we truly believe that by having the brand name Dynamic, we present a picture that ensures our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers can trust us to rapidly innovate and harness technology at the speed of innovation, whist meeting their critical time-to-market and time-to-profit objectives.

“This is why we introduced the ‘wave’ to our brand identity. The wave is built up of the colours we have introduced to our primary and sub brands as they come together in a flexible, fluid and agile way to continuously move our customers along the supply chain. It’s with this movement that our ability to form strong, strategic and long-lasting relations comes in, as we can consult with our customers on the current and next generation of their product lifecycle. It’s continuously moving, always fluctuating, that’s the nature of EMS

“We are absolutely delighted by the end effect. We feel that our brand identity and messaging architecture is now completely up-to-date and futureproof. We believe that it is confident, bold and clean. Like us, nothing is hidden, we are completely transparent.

“Not only have we rebranded, but we have embraced the digital age through our marketing activities and we now engage with our clients through various platforms; Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course our website to complete our digital marketing strategy. The results so far have been encouragingly positive as relationships are sparked and commentary amongst peers is shared, as well as a general feeling of being not only close to the conversation, but up front and central to it.

“Our entire team, our ‘Dynamic People’ have embraced the change and they have played an integral role to it. Not one ‘i’ was dotted or ‘t’ crossed without their mutual consent. This will be our identity and message for the long-term, so every member of the team had to feel like their voice was important and heard, after all they are the true brand ambassadors for the ‘We Are Dynamic’ message.”


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