A comprehensive range of TFT LCD

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of mid-sized TFT LCD in the UK today, we work with some of the world’s key innovators within this field, enabling us to assist UK designers and engineers in bringing their ideas and products to life in colour. We specialise in industrial LCD panels where long term supply guarantees are just as critical as the display panel’s specification.

Our range begins at a 1.44” QQVGA (128×128) resolution display which we believe is a great entry point for companies looking to add a little colour to their handheld device where in the past the only option was a monochrome LCD. Our range covers all the popular industry standard sizes with the largest panel we offer a 12.1” XGA (1024×768) resolution display.

As well as offering the standard range we can also offer value added engineering across all sizes, we have high brightness (typically 700~1000 nits) sunlight viewing options from 3.5” QVGA panels up to 12.1”, with some models featuring a very high brightness of 1500 nits. With wide viewing angles becoming a critical feature we can also now offer panels with the addition of O-Film, the film is only 0.1mm thick and is added to the TFT cell during the manufacturing process to enhance both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles to 170° on all axis as well as removing the panels fixed 6 or 12 o’clock optimum viewing angle which allows the panel to be mounted in both the landscape and portrait modes without losing image quality.

Touch now features heavily in many applications, so apart from our 1.44” and 1.77” diagonal displays we can offer both 4-wire restive and the multi-touch projected capacitive touch technologies across the complete range. With most users now very familiar with Projected Capacitive Touch or PCT due to its use in the latest smart phones PCT can now enhance the users experience within the industrial product market by giving up to 10 simultaneous touches allowing software to have the pinch and pull effect. With the design of PCT, products can now have a seamless fascia making PCT ideal for applications requiring a rugged/water resistant front. We can offer full and semi-custom solutions for our PCT from simple cover glass upgrades to a fully customized touch.

In the face of a highly evolving and competitive market, Craft Data are committed to finding and working with the right display partners, our goal is to provide new cutting edge products at affordable prices. We would like to be your trusted display partner.

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