5000 watt enclosed power supply to be launched by Ecopac Power

5000 watt enclosed power supply to be launched by Ecopac Power; the Mean Well RST-5000 series is one of the smallest 5000-watt power supplies available.

RST-5000 series uses advanced digital control techniques to significantly increase the flexibility of the power supply. For any applications that require even higher power the RST-5000 can be used with the built-in parallel function to combine with two more units to triple the output wattage.

A major feature of the RST-5000 series is the innovative trim function allowing the output voltage to be adjusted from 20% to 110% of the rated voltage. In addition the input voltage can be adjusted by 20%-100% this is achieved by adding 1 – 5.5 volts of external control voltage providing users with even great flexibility for designing their systems.

As well as the standard functions of remote sense, remote ON/OFF control, 12V/0.1A auxiliary output, and alarm signal output (both relay and TTL signal), the RST-5000 series uses “constant current limiting plus delay shutdown” as the overload protection. The RST-5000 can power capacitive/inductive loads and still provide full protection for customers’ systems.

With a 5 year warranty the RST-5000 series is suitable for applications including front-end power systems, factory automation, instrumentation, moving signs, telecommunications, lasers, IC testing equipment and battery charging.

Available from June 2014 from Ecopac Power please call 01844 204420 or email sales@ecopacpower.co.uk for further information and pricing.


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